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A word about Seniority...

Senior level experience means there is wisdom in years well spent, matching hundreds of difficult searches, solving thousands of IT and Operational problems. Senior expertise means we are adept at separating the new from the cyclical. We are not LinkedIn jockeys nor long-term leeches posing as consultants. We love solving critical problems quickly and specifically. Our long term relationships with literally thousands of successful people keep us abreast of the best new talent, teams, and solutions. We agree with Malcolm Gladwell's concept of "10,000 Hours to Mastery," and we can get more done in 10 phone calls than less experienced resources can organize in a month.

It's very simple, really...

Our Proficiency Deepens Your Bench.

We Are:

  • Silicon Valley experts in Executive Search, Talent Acquisition, HR Compliance, IT,
    and Change Management located in the Bay Area and beyond.
  • A practiced team for early stage enterprises to quickly triage your problem, set a success-oriented strategy and execute rapidly. Our expertise allows us to ramp
    up immediately.
  • Fast, accurate, and relevant assistance for larger enterprises with overwhelmed internal resources.
  • Uniquely capable to solve your problems without the bulk of larger firms, and without the lengthy commitment of formal outsourcing. We specialize in precise problem resolution, on a schedule that is met.
  • A 25 year old ethical and legally compliant payroll service that manages
    consultants and contractors on a W-2 basis with benefits, at a reasonable rate,
    for flexible durations.
  • A hub for savvy search firms, management consultants, and recruiters in the US who are committed to quality work and repeat business.
  • Since 1997, a favorite Silicon Valley source for general advice on a variety of career subjects, including tools for engaging recruiters and working with search firms. A "good karma" site: we have never had any spyware, advertising, pop-ups, cookies, or spam campaigns.